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Not every roofing job includes a complete replacement, but at Kellogg-Roofing we offer premiere residential roof leak repair services at a reasonable price that tailors your very needs in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.


We highly suggest all Nashville, TN customers take advantage of regular roof inspections performed to assist in preventative maintenance before incurring leakage. Roofs are top dollar to replace, and a leaking roof can cause fixed damage to walls, ceilings and the overall foundation of your home. Delaying those small roof repairs can lead to expensive problems, that regular roof inspections help alleviate.


We also offer free roof inspections and repair estimates.  If you suspect that you have a leaking roof or have experience hail damage to your roofing, call today. Time is extremely sensitive when dealing with insurance companies for storm or hail damage types of claims. We will help you figure out if your Nashville, TN home does indeed have roof damage, or if it may be something your insurance covers. Remember, not all damage means you need a brand new roof, but only a qualified roofing contractors will be able to tell. Whether you seek repairs or roof replacement, all the work we perform is guaranteed, so you can have confidence in the work our technicians offer for your Nashville, TN residence or business.



Storm and Hail Damage Nashville TN,


In Nashville, TN, storm damage and roof leaks can be caused by many different things.  Storm damage happens from hail, tree damage from falling limbs, walking on roof, old worn out shingles, cracked and sun damaged shingles and many more. 90% of all roof leaks occur by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. Rarely, does the actual roofing product fail.  Flashing is found near any roof penetration area such as chimney areas, step, apron and valley areas where roof angles join together. Whilst repairing your roof, it is necessary to look for any other roof damage that could lead to additional problems. If leaks are not addressed, the structure of your Nashville, TN home may incur further damage as the building frame continues to be exposed to dampness.


Additionally, the poor installation of Nashville, TN roof shingles, which are sometimes nailed incorrectly, may need to be addressed. If roof shingles are missing, these will need to be replaced. Clogged gutters also be a cause of roofing problems.  Water may overflow the rear of your gutter and leak along the walls and inside of the home. Additionally, flue pipes inside of a chimney can cause water to leak if they are not properly aligned. Help solidify your Nashville, TN residence or business equity by repairing your roof.


Roofing problems grow with time. If you live in Nashville and surrounding areas, and have a leaking or damaged roof, then phone us today. We offer to our customers the promise of 100% satisfaction, and since all of our work is covered under warranty, we won’t call it a complete job without your approval.


Nashville TN, Roof Leak Inspection


Are you unsure if you need roof repairs for your Nashville, TN home or business? We understand that the damage isn’t always blatant. There are some small clues that will trigger the need for roof repairs. A damaged roof doesn’t necessarily result in immediate symptoms like blown-off shingles or leaks—especially when there’s hail or ice but no rain. We can come and inspect your Nashville, TN home or business today, just phone us.


Your roof is one of the most pertinent parts of your home, so when your roof is damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, you need a reliable roofer to take care of it. Whether you have some chipped shingles or serious structural issues, no project is too small or too large for us to take care of. Our professional roofers have the tools and skills to handle a wide range of repairs.


Here are a few signs that your roof needs attention:


• If your neighborhood has experience a hail storm or heavy rain at any point in time, it’s time to contact roof repair.

• If you’ve noticed roofers have been working on your neighbors’ homes, you most likely need to call us today!

• If your car or doors of your home have hail or wind damage, your roof probably needs roof repair.

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